ered its resignation to President Lee Myung-Bak over U.S. beef d

ispute, Yonh▓ap news agency reported. The resignation offer ▓came as

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To remain alive or in existence. To carry on despite hardships or e, masson persevere. To remain functional or usable.

pine, dragon spruce, C▓hine

a record 1 million people are expected to hold street rallies nationwide Tuesday night in p▓rotest against the Lee administratio▓n's U.S. beef import deal and other reform policies. Prime Minister Han Seung-soo tender

se pine and other timber trees

ed his and the cabinet's resignations over a weekly cabinet meeting to take responsibility for the in▓tensifying political turmoil triggered by the govern▓ment decision in mid-April to

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unconditionally▓ lift a ban on U.S. beef imports. According to the report, Lee is expected to select▓ively accept the offers and replace half a dozen ministers involved in the U.S. beef import deal, including

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